Why Choose Us ?

Every client is unique, every situation is different. having worked with different providers from the ground level till the executive level we understand the business nuances much better than anyone else. We feel the biggest return to any provider other than financial return would be through services that are transparent, dependable, and responsive.

Our Leadership & Operations Management team comprise cumulatively over 50+ years RCM experience which helps in knowledge transition between people with a vision empowered with artificial intelligence. We offer professional services with utmost care and precision.


97.5%     EHR Same Day Close Rate

99.2%     Accuracy

80%       ERA Conversion Rate

1.75%     Bad Debt

95%       First Pass Ratio

70%       Electronic Transmissions

38             AR Days

15.5%           Increase In Cash Flow

60%       Payers Enrolment

75%     Website Enrolment

100% Paper Appeal Automation Web Crawler capturing claim status E&M Coding Automation

Focus & strengths

be on the improvement on key areas resulting in consistent increase of efficiency & revenue,

1 Increase in Cash liquidation & AR liquidation rates compared to the historical trend (GCR & NCR)
2Cash Up-stick from outstanding AR
3 Tools/applications in place to control/eradicate errors on Data processes (Demo/Charge Entry, Cash posting)
4Controlling adjustments/
write-offs/Effective follow up on No activity claims
5 Best practices towards Unbilled/In progress
6 Conversion of paper transmissions to EDI
7DSO Reduction Plan to the market standards
8ICD -10 certified professionals ensuring 99% accuracy on coding charts (importantly on the specificity of DX)
9Transition of manual posting into ERA
10Increase in First Pass Ratio to the market standards
11Reduction in Bad Debt
12Reduction in Unapplied/Missing Payments/Charge, Billing lag days

Dedicated Manager

You will have an account manager all to yourself. Therefore, you’ll deal with ONE person to address any questions or concerns. We strongly believe in transparency with our clients partnering towards increase in efficiency, quality and revenue.


Each and everyone of us understand the importance of Protected Health Information (PHI).

Bio-metric access to all employees.

24/7 CCTV Surveillance.

Mobile Phones Restricted in the Operations Floor

Restricted access to Printer.

Restricted access to e-mails to other domains except client domains

Blacklisting of all web portals except sites per client requirement